May 6 2013

Bank Holiday Fun

I often have trouble identifying with Bank Holidays because my work doesn’t really work that way. They roll all the Bank Holidays into the general Annual Leave entitlement, and it all works out. But May Day is one of the few Bank Holidays that we get (the other being St Andrews Day) so I suppose it’s worthy of note.

Mrs Worm is at work, so it’s very much a play day for me, which I have chosen to illustrate through the medium of photographs.

I got up and had coffee, then got down to the hard work of defeating Skyrim
I do have some responsibilities, and one of them is getting in my car
And getting the food, which enables me to start the process of getting the beef ready for burritos this evening.
In the meantime, I play Rock Band 3 either drums
20130506-182730.jpgor guitars
And generally just chill out, until I go to work tomorrow.

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