Feb 2 2008

No Cinders, you shall not go to the ball

Played football at Tweedbank last night and won both matches.  We play one main match for about 90 minutes, then have a short ‘best of three’ at the end – we won both 🙂

However, Yetholm’s match today has been cancelled.  It’s a bit of a shame, because I was quite looking forward to it.  However, Coldstream are playing at home, so I may get to see them (which doesn’t happen very often).  This is assuming that their match isn’t cancelled as well, of course.  It also means that I get to watch the rugby – the Six Nations kicks off today, and England’s opening match is against Wales at Twickenham – should be a good one.

Saw Jamie Oliver making pasta the other night, and he did it really quickly.  I like making my own pasta, but it can be a bit of a faff doing all the kneading etc.  However Jamie just mixed everything up in the food processor  and then whacked it through the pasta machine – bonus!  Might try that soon.

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