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May 28 2008

Updates done

Well almost. I’ve done some fiddling with the layout and it’s pretty much how I want it. I’ve almost caught up with the food diary posts. I had more than I thought to catch up with, and I’ve got at least one more to do once I’ve uploaded the photos. Because I post them with the actual date I did the cooking, they have appeared down the page a bit, but here is a list so you can go straight to them :

May 26 2008


Slight change of style, which seems quite nice. And some of the page links may not be working due to my insistence on custom templates which I need to update after the upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.

Anyway, I’ve got a couple of food posts to make, and then I can get on with the general wittering, and my new favourite type of comment, what I have come to call the ‘Victor Meldrew’ post.

I think the name speaks for itself. 🙂

Current topic thoughts:

  • Generalisations
  • Psychics
  • Internet vs Web

Oh such fun 🙂

May 24 2008

Grilled Mackerel

We went to Eyemouth and got some lovely fish. They had some really nice mackerel, so we got some for dinner – as well as some nice cod, dressed crab, and scraps for the cat.

I’m never quite sure what to serve with fish, so I looked at what we had hanging around (potatoes and butternut squash), dug out a recipe for butternut squash from Recipezaar (which is a great resource) and got on with it….

Pictures: show

This was very tasty, and it was well worth going to get the fresh fish.

May 17 2008

Roasted chicken breast

This is from ‘Cook with Jamie’. I’ve come across the recipe a few times but never quite got round to using it. Then Lisa asked if I could do something with butternut squash because she really likes it, and this gave me the opportunity to try it out…

Pictures : show

This was easy to do, very tasty indeed, and combined some really nice flavours. I will definitely be doing this one again.

May 5 2008


2 months since my last post.

Must do better.