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Jun 6 2013

Something You Have Forgotten

Well to start with I almost forgot to write this post.

But apart from that, this is a tricky one because, by it’s very nature, it’s hard to know what I have forgotten. Oh I forget lots of things, names, dates, who I have leant stuff to – the usual sort of thing. I do however have a pretty good memory for useless trivia, and phone numbers. I still remember the first phone number I had. 2500 That shows you how long ago it was, and how small a town I grew up in – four digit phone numbers. My best mate was 2713. I have no idea why I remember those things, but I do.

That said, I can’t remember my current mobile number for the life of me – I always have to look it up. And it’s not to do with length – I can remember Mrs Worm’s number every time – not that I have to, she’s in my contacts obviously.

I’ve no doubt forgotten a lot of the stuff I learnt at school, but I’ve learnt a lot of new things since then as well, so it all balances out.

I’ve forgotten to go to bed a couple of time, then realised it’s 6am so probably not worth it.