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Jun 8 2013

Something You Have Fixed

I’m not exactly Mr Fixit – I’m way too clumsy for that. In fact, while I think of it, I have mentioned Billy Bragg before, and his new track really sums this up for me.

and while I’m drifting past the subject – big love for Billy Bragg. I don’t think the man has written a bad song his life.

(I just went on a 20 minute YouTube diversion watching Billy Bragg videos…)

So what have I fixed? Not a lot really. The best thing I can come up with was that when I was young I had a massive tape player – really big thing, that was also a turntable and radio. But the tape player was broken – it didn’t have the plastic drawer that you put tapes into. You just had to insert them into the machine itself.

This meant that the tapes didn’t quite sit right, and would sounds odd, like they were underwater or something. My solution, after a lot of experimentation, was to put a small model car onto one side of the tape which would hold it down in the right way to align the heads and get good sound quality.