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May 4 2013

Five Fave Blogs

Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?

This is quite tricky. Not, as most people will probably struggle with, because I have too many ‘favourites’, but because I don’t really read blogs – or more accurately, I don’t really read things that I consciously think of as blogs. I keep up with things via Twitter, RSS feeds or Flipboard so I only really see them as articles in line with many other articles and don’t necessarily pick them out as ‘blogs’. Still, to enter into the spirit of things, I have gone through stuff I read and tried to pull out those things that could be called blogs. These aren’t necessarily my five ‘favourites’ – that very much depends on mood, but they are certainly in the top 10.

    Michael Ruhlman is a food writer who has written several books I absolutely love, has worked with and for chefs I admire, and writes about food in a way that really speaks to me. He can be opinionated and harsh at times, but I like that in a person, and he just loves his subject.
  2. Mike Skinner
    Better known as ‘The Streets’, Mike Skinner not only makes music I really like, but has interesting things to say, and takes some interesting pictures. Mike’s music really isn’t a genre I generally like, but it really grew on me, and I started reading his blog just to try and understand him a bit better. I’m not sure I could say I understand him, but he’s a fascinating guy.
  3. Lost Horizons
    Simon is a friend of mine, who really just writes a typical blog like many people out there do and covers his holidays, news of interest and so on. There are some things of special note however. Simon is also an author and has undertaken some great adventures then written about them. But probably more importantly he has a great mind, a thoughtful outlook on life, and a way of expressing that very clearly. I certainly can’t say I agree with him about everything (I barely agree with myself about everything) but I’m always interested in what he has to say.
  4. Letters of Note
    This is simply a fascinating, often beautiful, emotional, funny or shocking insight into people’s lives through their correspondence, usually to/from people of note – celebrities, politicians and so on. Always interesting, often absorbing.
    As an Excel geek, I read quite a few blogs like this, but Chandoo stands out to me. Written by Purna Duggirala, it is firmly aimed at practical use of Excel and often gives really good little tips that will pass people by. I always read what Purna has to say, and often he has an approach that I wouldn’t think of. There are better blogs out there for specific aspects of Excel (in particular Jon Peltier’s charting blog), but none that cover the general aspects in such a good way.

So there you go. Quite a range really. I’ll be interested in looking at the other #BEDM posts and seeing what other people read.