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Mar 2 2008

Corn Dogs – done!

I decided to try the corn dog recipe, as I had some time free. It didn’t go 100% smoothly, probably due to the fact that I’m not really that sure what a corn dog is supposed to look like 🙂

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There wasn’t anything tricky here really, nice and straightforward. How did it taste? Like a deep-fried hotdog I guess. For my taste, the batter was too sweet – sort of like a doughnut batter, and I would make it more savoury if I was doing it again. But the batter was nice and light, and was perfectly cooked. I don’t think corn dogs are going to become part of my regular diet, but it’s another thing to add to my skill set I suppose 🙂

Feb 23 2008

Corn Dogs

I have been reading a thread on the James Randi forums for a while which mentions Corn Dogs as a food, without really having much idea what they are. I decided to find out – here is a recipe, and here is another

They actually sound quite nice. I may try that at some point in the near future. It’s hardly gourmet food, but it sounds quite nice, and very Scottish 🙂