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Jun 7 2013

Something You Have Failed

I’m pretty sure you could say I have failed at lots of things, but the one that springs to mind is my degree.

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a doctor. My whole school path was aimed in that direction. I loved maths, but I wanted to be a doctor, so I also studied biology and chemistry. Unfortunately my grades were not quite good enough for medicine, but my maths results were good enough, so I went to King’s College London to study maths.

My first year was, frankly, a breeze. My A-Level in Further Maths was a great preparation for university, and most of the first year was pretty straightforward. However in the second year it turned into real study. Nothing super hard, but I did have to study.

Unfortunately, by this time I had discovered the internet, and my attention was elsewhere. I failed my second year but, for medical reasons (glandular fever) was given a chance to resit.

I blew it. If anything, I studied less, and while I did better in my exams, it wasn’t enough to pass so I dropped out. I could blame lots of things – I was very young, alone, blah blah blah, in the end, I just didn’t try.

I moved home, got a job, moved in with my girlfriend (now Mrs Worm), got a better job, and started studying with the Open University.

This was much more suited to me, and I passed with flying colours, narrowly missing out on a first class degree.

I’m proud of my degree, but in the end it’s just a piece of paper, and while I know I did a lot of things wrong the first time around in London, I wouldn’t change it because it led me to where I am now, and that’s good.