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Jun 4 2013

Something You Have Seen

I have gone through so many variations of things I could write about for this heading. At the end of the day we are largely a visual animal so ‘something you have seen’ could be just about anything. I guess what I have gone for is ‘something you have experienced’ but I think it still counts.

In 1994 I saw Barenaked Ladies live at the Irish Centre in Leeds. They were still a relatively unknown band – this was billed as their ‘Little Tiny Tour’ with only 5 dates in the UK. I went with my mum, stepdad, girlfriend (now Mrs Worm) and my best friend NoRM.

The Irish Centre is not a big venue – capacity of a massive 800 – but the atmosphere was amazing. The fact that I was seeing one of my favourite bands, with my favourite girl (and my favourite guy) may have given me a rose-tinted view, but it really was a magical night.

The support act was an unknown band called ‘The Libertines’ (not the one you’ve heard of) who did a nice mix of country/pop – we bought the CD and I still listen to it. They also played a cover of ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ which we knew intimately from the version that the Doug Anthony All Stars used to do. A genuinely good support act.

Then BNL hit the stage, and just blew everyone away. Tight musically, funny, improvising, acerbic and grounded, they totally owned the crowd from the moment they walked on stage. This was before the second album (Maybe You Should Drive) had come out, so we got to hear some new songs before they were available, and loved them (‘ayyyyy like Fonzie said coz he was very cool’), and to cap it all we hung around afterwards and got to meet the band, who were all very cool indeed.

I’ve seen them many times since, but that first time will always be special for me. And I really do have the t-shirt.

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