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Feb 4 2008

Second helpings of mussels

I managed to do something quite nice with the second lot of mussels.

Pictures: show

It worked very well, it was nice and spicy without being overpowering. I would like to try it with clams next time.

Feb 4 2008

Catch that damn ball!

The Superbowl was very good indeed. I stopped off on the way to pick up some beer, and got there about 8pm. The game didn’t start till 11:30pm so we had a few hours of chatting, playing games on the XBox 360, and taking the piss out of the commentators on the pre-match buildup show.

I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy the actual game, as I haven’t really followed American Football since Channel 4 stopped showing it – apart from watching the Superbowl every year. But in the end, it was a really good game. The Patriots haven’t lost a game all seaon, so the Giants were the definite underdogs – although they had a record of 10 wins out of 10 away from home – all in all, the odds were on a good game.

For all that, there was a distinct lack of scoring, and it was looking like it might be the lowest scoring Superbowl of all time. The Giants did a great job of shutting down the Patriots’ offensive drives, and there was a lot of back and forth, with some really nice action. Then in the last quarter, it all got very tense. The Patriots went ahead, and it was all looking a bit inevitable, but in the final minute, the Giants just went hell for leather, and the quarterback pulled off an amazing pass when it looked like he was going to be sacked – simply stunning football. The Giants converted this into a touchdown in the last minute, and the Patriots just didn’t have time to come back. A great game.

It has made me want to get back into American Football, and I may have to see about going next door (they have Sky) or downloading torrents in the next season.

We got to bed about 4am, and while Gary’s sofa isn’t exactly suited to a 6’2″ body, I managed to sleep ok, and got up about 11am. Gary made coffee and black pudding rolls, and I headed out. I went to Asda to do the shopping, and then to Tesco to get the things that I couldn’t get from Asda (how hard is it to get a single bottle of Guinness??) I picked up a present for Lisa while I was there – picture to come later.

I came home, put away the shopping, and made some lunch. I wasn’t sure what I would have for lunch, but while I was at Tesco, I spotted some mussels, and that made up my mind for me. I cleaned them up, put some aside for later, and just made a very simple Moule Marinare for my lunch.


I’ll be doing the rest of the mussels with pasta for my dinner.