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Jun 2 2013

Something You Have Lost

I’ve lost many things. I am totally useless with keeping track of things – keys, phone, wallet etc. However, most things turn up eventually, and then it’s quite a nice surprise when you come across them later.

Unless it’s your passport or something, then it’s quite frustrating.

I have often meant to find out where a friend of mine got her bag. Many people put things away, and invariably they describe that place as ‘somewhere safe’. My friend had a bag that was decorated with words that said – Somewhere Safe. Great idea.

I quite like finding things that I had forgotten about. It’s a lovely thing to bring back memories that had gone away completely.

However I have, on occasion, lost things that I really didn’t want to lose. Rarely things of real value, usually things that meant something to me, of sentimental value. Not a lot of things, but I do think about those things every now and then. However, I try not to dwell on those things, because in the end it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry – these things make you what you are, and you never know – they may turn up years from now and give you a nice surprise.