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Feb 7 2008

Failure to plan is planning to fail

I made two mistakes, I realise that now.

I didn’t read the recipe properly, so I didn’t realise that it would take about four hours to make the beef and guinness pie. I also neglected to get anything else out of the freezer, such as chicken or prawns, so I had to improvise. Hence, for dinner we had a ‘sort of bolognese’ sauce, along with hand-made tagliatelle that Mum and Tom got us for Christamas. Very nice it was too, it’s just a shame that I didn’t plan better – not exactly a surprise though 😉

Still nice and busy at work – my boss is signed off until the middle of March, and possibly beyond, so there is lots to do, and I’m not entirely sure that I’m doing it right – but I’m doing my best.

Some sort of planing is in progress for going to Nottingham in March, but I still need to sort out travel – trains just seem incredibly expensive at the minute.

Jan 31 2008

Just spinning my wheels…

Haven’t really done anything of note today. That’s hardly a revelation – much like any day.

Work was ok – nothing exciting to speak of. Dinner was boring (pie and mash) and nothing exciting on TV. So not an exactly scintillating day. Did some more work on this blog – added a couple of plugins for instance, and drank some coffee.