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Feb 9 2008

No more clean sheet….

Yetholm were playing football in Peebles against Tweeddale today, and I was brought on in the final two minutes after our keeper got injured.

We were 3-2 down anyway, so it was really just a matter of seeing out the end of the match.

Unfortunatey within 30 seconds, Tweeddale had been awarded a penalty, so we were then 4-2 down. I went the right way for the penalty, but coudn’t quite get it. Then with the final move of the game, Tweeddale broke through as all our players had pushed up for a last minute effort, and scored again. 5-2. Arse.

Up to this match I had a clean sheet, I had not let in a single goal all season. Now that’s gone 🙁

Still, it couldn’t last for ever, and at least I got to play, which doesn’t happen very often.

Pictures are here – I’m not in any of them, obviously, because I was taking them.

Feb 8 2008


Managed to get that sorted out, after much fiddling, and made a few cosmestic changes as well.

Nothing major, just colours on the headings and stuff, but I still need to do some fiddling to get things exactly how I want them.

Fooball at Tweedbank was quite good tonight, we won both games, and I made a couple of good saves. Yetholm are playing Peebles tomorrow, but I may not be going. We are trading in the Smart Car for a new one, and we have sold the yellow panels that are on it. So we need to put the original grey panels (which are in the loft) back onto the car, and we are going up to Edinburgh to do the change over with the guy who is buying the yellow panels (you can do it yourself, but it’s a little tricky, and this guy knows what he’s doing)

Anyway, we have ordered some clips and things that we need to do the swap, but they may not arrive tomorrow – so if they don’t, I’ll be going to the Yetholm match.

Feb 2 2008

No Cinders, you shall not go to the ball

Played football at Tweedbank last night and won both matches.  We play one main match for about 90 minutes, then have a short ‘best of three’ at the end – we won both 🙂

However, Yetholm’s match today has been cancelled.  It’s a bit of a shame, because I was quite looking forward to it.  However, Coldstream are playing at home, so I may get to see them (which doesn’t happen very often).  This is assuming that their match isn’t cancelled as well, of course.  It also means that I get to watch the rugby – the Six Nations kicks off today, and England’s opening match is against Wales at Twickenham – should be a good one.

Saw Jamie Oliver making pasta the other night, and he did it really quickly.  I like making my own pasta, but it can be a bit of a faff doing all the kneading etc.  However Jamie just mixed everything up in the food processor  and then whacked it through the pasta machine – bonus!  Might try that soon.